Case studies

Case studies notable projects over the last 20 years

As well as the projects below, other notable jobs include a large format printer to the Celtic football club. A server for manchester united’s commercial centre to run their lottery,  a calibration systems for the shop floor at be Warton.

On going

Import/Export -

Amazon & Ebay Fulfilment

We arrange pre-payment single point one off purchases, and all below for customers.


Len Wright Salads -

PC upgrades

LWS wanted to upgrade all the PC’s to the latest spec, and also supplied all new hardware and network equipment for the new build factory in Tarleton to pre-package ambient food produce.

2019 - to present

Gratte Bros -

Tesco Stores

Decision made to replace all xp based machines throughout the estate, and all pc’s to be encrypted and bit lockered. Over 500+ pc’s and servers have been rolled out so far.


Booths Supermarkets -

Office move

Booths wanted a complete office move of 100 users, out of hours and at the weekend. Everything had to be up and running 8am on the following Monday. We did it!


Falkland Isles -

Network switches

We won the contract to supply network switches to the Falkland Isle’s hospital and raf station. We had to arrange shipping and logistics from the UK.

2017 - present

Wirefast Group -


Wirefast have servers in secure off site remote‘bunkers’, but the HQ is in London. The servers need to come back to the London office for maintenance and updates. We organise the logistics of collection and return from to and from their offices and remote sites.


BAE Systems, Warton -

Pilot training rig

Large upgrade to 2009 above. A decision was made to cut down the number of PC’s in the rig and use a large scaler. The PC’s were high end hp z800 with rack adapters, and the projectors linked together using optics fiber extenders. These rigs were rolled out over various participating counties and raf sites.

2015 - present

Gratte Bros -

Tesco Stores

Tesco needed a CCTV rack-based pc, with a desktop client workstation. Not available from the largescale manufacturers, we pre-configured with all the CCTV software loaded and installed. We have rolled these out to all 500+ stores across the UK. The project is still on-going.

2014 - present

News UK -

Phone protectors

News UK free issue smartphones to all it’s staff worldwide, which was costing the company over £20k per year in screen replacements. We provided a tempered glass screen protector for each of the phones in service at an average cost of £2.50 per unit, and this has reduced the phone repair cost to <£1k per year.


News UK -

Political transport logistics

News UK required an engineer to transport and help set up all the hardware and network comms at the conference venue. Once the conference is over, transport to the next venue and repeat over a 3 week period. Conventional carriers cannot do this due to security implications and pass id’s.


BAE Systems, Warton -

Pilot training rig

Small refresh to 2009.


Health Lottery -


Supplied as part of express newspapers group October 2011.


BAE Systems, Warton -

Pilot training rig

Updated with faster processors and graphics cards.


Lancashire County Council -

Environment directorate green pc’s

LCC wanted to go ‘green’ with all it’s PC’s. We produced a btx based mini tower system with all green components, PSU, processor and HDD’s. These were rolled out all across Lancashire, and we supplied full onsite cover and repair at HQ and all the outlying sites. The PC’s were also pre-prepared as a ‘turnkey system’ all sysprep’d for the user to use straight out of the box, with all IP’s and access rights pre-configured.


Booths Supermarkets -

In store servers

They upgraded all 24 store servers from workstations to short depth dl360 servers, using vmware virtual machines to fit in existing short depth 12u rack cabinets. We also pre-configured them for each individual store.


BAE Systems, Warton -

Pilot training rig

BAE needed 5x 3u rack pc graphic workstations linked together with reflective memory fibre cards, video capture, and highend graphics, all fitted in a 42u rack cabinet, with network switches and video scalers. This was not possible from the large vendors. (hp, dell, Fujitsu etc). We supplied a supermicro based rack system and were rolled out to UK, Germany, Austria, Spain & Italy as part of the Eurofighter GMBH project.


BAE Systems, Warton -

Simulation Dept

BAE only had 1 x £1m silicon graphics machine meaning only one person could be working. We supplied 12 x high end supermicro pc graphic workstations for £10k each which worked at approx 80% of the sgi’s performance, but this got an extra 11 x people working.


BAE Systems -

Fit Out

Kitted out the full kitchen at one of the flight test rooms. Appliances included dishwasher, microwave and full catering size toaster.


Dutton Carpets -


Duttons needed a complete factory production control system – we supplied / installed full fibre network, servers, clients and software.

2010 - 2018

Express Newspaper -

Conference support

Express newspapers send journalists to all the political party conferences – conservative, labour & lib dems. They move the whole political desk to the conference venue, and we attend with an engineer for the duration to set up the hardware and ensure all the stories are send to HQ, and help with running the office support.


Express Newspaper -

Picture desk system

Express needed to store 1000’s of pictures and stories electronically. Previously these were microfiche’d, in the mid 90’s we supplied a large jukebox and powerful intel based server, but we then updated it to a hp san storage system.